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Our small Mystery













Namely :

Our kittens are high in family and free to run or good seems to them in company of dogs.

Our little marvels join their family that at the 4 months age.

Here are the reasons :

They leave vaccinated, vermifuges and chips. The kittens of company will be sterilized before joining their new family.

Thus in its luggage, it will carry: health record in order, European passport, pedigree as well as the tests of the two parents.

For a better balance, it there with socialization and the education of its mom who is very important.

As you will be able to suspect it, 4 months passed with chouchouter your future little marvels, weave bonds more than extremely.

Thus hard hard to separate some to let them join you.

Finally our Wish is to keep contact and to have as much as possible news as well as beautiful photographs.

Once on your premise :

Not to forget not that it is able in an unknown medium thus to help it, better is worth to leave it in its bag of transport the first 10 minutes. And then to only to open him so that if it wishes it, it can leave to discover its new at would be.

Show him to it place where you put his litter, its food and its plays to him…

Once the discovered house, it will take its reference marks and will return towards you to be made cherish.

Receipt to have a kitten well in its skin :

  • A pinch of caress
  • A peel of kisses
  • The whole seasoned of much love…


hybridization whatsoever will have direct consequences on the nature of our dear little alien.

Many have already pasted claiming widening the gene pool of the breed.

We did not start lightly in this adventure without being aware of it.

Thanks to our friends Pat and Titin we can now contemplate. We will help them in their program.

Remember that the primary nature of the Sphynx is a result of natural mutation. Poue that I invite you to take a ride on the origins of the sphinx in the Standard section.

This program will strengthen the health or the morphological standard of the latter. So we will not hybridization to meet certain requirements as eg. new colors, eyes ... Of course this little minnows to be attractive to have a Sphynx rare color with odd eyes, but surely not at the expense of health.

Because of its history our little Extra Terrestrial can not boast of a wide gene pool because some strains of hairless cats born here and there by natural mutation.

The hybridization of F Sphynx

Marry a Domestic Shorthair cat also called the gutter with a Sphynx, knowing that the gene is dominant hairy naked.

The kittens from this marriage will be called F1 and will be all hairy and these F1 will be carrying the recessive gene of the Sphynx therefore themselves married to a bare F2 will give half of the range will be hairy and the other naked.

This F2 married himself a Sphynx will give rise to all who will be named F3 nudes.

The F3 Sphynx married to give birth to a F4 which will be for all to see a real Sphynx.